ClassiQuest Science

Solid Science for the Classical Curriculum


"I really can't recommend your work enough. We searched high and low for a secular science program that was affordable and "meaty" enough that we wouldn't have to constantly be filling voids. Your work fit the bill perfectly! We love that it fits in with the WTM model and that the books that are recommended through WTM were selected to accompany your book (Usborne and Kingfisher encyclopedias). The inclusion of the lab sheets are genius. My fifth grader hadn't done any labs before in public school and was at a loss as to how to format and fill in a lab write up. When he saw the lab sheets I printed off, he was so relieved and it took some of the anxiety away so that he could really enjoy the lab and not worry so much about how to present it on paper."

   -   KellyAnne K.

"The biology is just what I wanted and I hope we get to use another ClassiQuest next year."

   -   Patrick W.


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